Save directly on your knowledge and learning platform

The "Basic module" offer offers you the following options:

- An admin role for all actions on the platform
- Use of pdf documents, images, links and / or videos
- Input option for your employees
- Certificates after passing learning modules
- Certificates after passing learning modules
- And many more possibilities ……. 

Directors Course for Leadership

Directors duties and responsibilities, the role of health and safety,
the process of risk assessments, managing people performance,
encouraging progress, the importance of communications,
the principles of safety management systems. 

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Working successfully with new and existing knowledge in your organization

Zivier can help you with the most successful training method for your employees.

The online knowledge and learning platform Zivier has been specially designed to convert information into knowledge and make it demonstrable. You can design the platform completely according to your own wishes and existing teaching materials are easy to transfer to the platform.

Online course 
Confined Space Awareness

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